Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Wedding dress shopping Pt 2

Wedding Dress Silhouettes & You
There are so many choices available that it is easy to get confused and frustrated when wedding dress shopping. Not every dress is equally suited to every bride. Knowing what shape you are looking for saves time, money and effort. However you have to know the shape you are in order to find the shape your looking for. Knowledge of the shape of your body will determine the kind of dress that will enhance your overall appearance. 

Knowing Your Shape
The best way of knowing your shape is by focusing on your silhouette (the outline of your body). There are 3 basic body proportions that are based on body measurements- Linear, Curvilinear and Curved. These body proportions are presented in 5 ways - triangle (pear, spoon, bell), Inverted triangle (apple), rectangle shape (square, ruler), hourglass and rounded.
Linear- minimal shaped waist with dominate shoulders and sometimes a bust line.
Presentation: inverted triangle (apple), rectangle (square, ruler) and rounded. 
Curvilinear- partially to a well defined waist with a more narrow shoulders, bust line and fuller hips.
Presentation: Triangle (Pear , spoon, bell).
Curved- a well shaped waist with equal proportions on the top and bottom.
Presentation: Hourglass shape.
The simpler way of checking your body shape is by getting expert advice from a sales person at the bridal store or you can do it yourself by going online: www.calculator.net/body-type-calculator.html It only takes 5 minutes and all you need is a measuring tape.

Wedding Dress Silhouettes 
Here is a guide of some basic popular wedding dress silhouettes and what body type they work for.

The styles name comes from the triangle or A-shape between the narrow bodice and outer edges of the wide, ungathered skirt. The close fitting bodice can be strapless or have any type of neckline. The seam may be higher or lower than the natural waistline. A rounded jewel neck is a good choice for brides who wish to emphasize their bust.

Best for: Brides with small waists and those wanting to hid broad hips and large thighs.

Body type: inverted triangle (apple), rectangle (square, ruler), diamond, rounded, triangle (pear, spoon, bell) and hourglass shapes.

Image Source: www.projectwedding.com 

Empire/ Grecian Goddess
This style of dress has a very high waist. The raised waist creates a long line. The skirt can either be slim or slightly flared.  

Best for: The cropped bodice flatters the small-breasted woman. This style is ideal for the slim and petite brides.

Body Type: inverted triangle (apple), diamond and rectangle (square, ruler) shapes

Image Source: www.projectwedding.com 

Ball Gown
The traditional wedding dress with fitted bodice and a floor length voluminous skirt with a petticoat. Usually worn in a more formal setting such as a church. This style can overwhelm a petite or particularly buxom bride. A strapless bodice is ideal for brides wanting to draw attention to their face, collarbones, shoulders and arms.

Best for: Brides with a small waist-line and at least average height. Its great for hiding tall hips.

Body Type: inverted triangle (apple), rectangle (square, ruler), diamond, rounded, triangle (pear, spoon, bell) and hourglass shapes.

Image Sources www.media.onsugar.com 

This style is a straight line, fitted dress from shoulders to the ankles. A boat neck follows the curve of the collarbone and can flatter women with smaller busts.

Best for: Tall or petite, slim-hipped brides.

Body type: Inverted triangle (apple).

Image Source: www.projectwedding.com 

Mermaid / Trumpet
A narrow fitted dress designed to show off a brides curves. The bottom flares out like that of a mermaid.

Best for: Tall slim brides; creates height for petite brides.

Body type: Inverted triangle (apple), rectangle (square, ruler) and rounded, triangle (pear, spoon, bell) and hourglass shapes.

Image Source: www.projectwedding.com 

Short / Tea Length
Short dresses that have a hem that is above or just slightly below the knee. This style is ideal for a more casual, less traditional wedding.

Best for: Brides with great legs and fabulous shoes!!

Image source: www.prlog.org 

REMEMBER: Try and go wedding dress shopping with one or two people. This can be useful in getting another perspective on the dresses as you try them on. Any more than two people can cause confusion in your decision making process. You are the one who has to wear the dress, if you try on a dress and you don't love it but another person thinks it looks good on you, then go with your gut instinct and keep looking. If you find that dress that does not fit into the categories that I have mentioned, but you look and feel great in it AND the price is right then GO FOR IT!!

Enjoy your shopping experience. 

All the best.


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